Superbowl Suave

Here are Miss Mingle’s lines to use at a Superbowl party if you know absolutely nothing about football, who is playing, or which team has the ball:

Safe lines:
“GO! GO! GO!”

“Oh God, I hope he’s not hurt.”
“Amazing play!”
"This is so nerve-wracking! I have to get another drink.”

Questionable lines:
“Are their pants always so shiny?”
“Is it really necessary for them to pile on top of each other like that?”
“Wait -- what color are we again?”

Taboo lines:
“Can we please watch something else?”
“Isn’t football rather mindless and irrelevant, considering the state the world is in?”
“Oh for heaven’s sake calm down! It doesn’t really matter who wins.”


  1. What category does the line "I just watch for the commercials" fall in? Especially this year...

  2. Good question! I would say that this might usually fall in the Questionable category (although certainly at many parties it would be a Safe line). On the other hand, this year because of the much-anticipated, controversial pro-life ad, it could have been seen as a provocative remark, and therefore Taboo. You don't want an abortion argument right in the middle of a Superbowl Party. People are screaming enough as it is.